Whatcom Horticultural Society

The Whatcom Horticultural Society's mission is to expand community interest in gardening through educational activities. Each year they have lectures by elite gardeners from all over the world as well as member-only activities and the Annual Tour of Private Gardens... Read More

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San Juan Island Whale & Wildlife Tours

This website needed a color revamp when owner Hobbes Buchanan redesigned his logo. Captain Hobbes has accumulated over 40 years of sea time, 11 of which have been operating vessels in the San Juan and Canadian Gulf Islands. San Juan Island Whale & Wildlife Tours ta... Read More

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Rainer Rey

We built this website for multi-talented Rainer Rey, who is an author, actor and owns a marketing and CG design company and develops branding campaigns for use in broadcast, internet and special promotions. He's currently developing screenplays and treatments for s... Read More

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Fire Fleet Maintenance LLC

Fire Fleet Maintenance LLC is a business that travels across Washington State performing inspections on all sorts of fire equipment and vehicles. Paul Spencer is a very sharp guy, was a pleasure to work with him and looking forward to more in the future. This websi... Read More

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U-Ride Motorcycle Rentals

URide Motorcycle Rentals in Friday Harbor, WA is a new business started by Capt Larry Phillips and his youngest daughter Sierra. It was fun to create their logo and website, super nice people to work with. Visit the website and check it out -- as they say, the best... Read More

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Josie Byington alerted me to this project, it is a gorgeous website that was very organized and thoughtfully executed -- my part in the job was to take the designer's layouts and turn them into a website. The MaPP initiative is a partnership between the Province of... Read More

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Puget Sound Food Hub

This was a fun, organic website to build and is fairly simple in design as it is in concept. The Puget Sound Food Hub's goal is to bring buyer and seller together to provide the freshest produce possible for buyers while supporting local farmers. [wptouch target... Read More

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The Francis Cabin

My vacation rental cabin in Glacier, WA needed a website, it's all wired up to a Facebook page and the VRBO system. The cabin is a lovely vacation rental near Mt Baker Ski Area - book your next vacation to Mt Baker at the Francis Cabin! [wptouch target="mobile"]... Read More

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Port of Friday Harbor

I love the new Port of Friday Harbor website, the staff was super easy to work with in creating this site. The template we started with was a nice clean template we augmented with document and event plugins to make updates easy. I'm very pleased I had the opportuni... Read More

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Spokane River Water Trail

Dunau & Associates hired us to create this fun and informational website for people to find the recreation they're looking for on the Spokane River. Scott Pendergraft, my faithful programming guru, created the backend functionality for this interactive map. [wpt... Read More

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Spokane EnviroStars Waste Directory

The Spokane EnviroStars Waste Directory is a website that connects people and businesses in Eastern Washington with vendors that manage specific waste types. It also provides in-depth information about all sorts of things you throw away, and appropriate disposal me... Read More

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Mt Baker Tree Company

Local Glacier tree expert Kurt Howland had me create a website featuring his mad tree skills, www.mtbakertreeco.com. The fun part was creating his logo, which they've engraved in a slice of wood so beautifully. [wptouch target="mobile"][/wptouch]... Read More

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Bellingham Estate Sales

A friend from Friday Harbor, and now by marriage a family member, asked me to create a website, www.bellinghamestatesalebuyersandsellers.com for his new business in Bellingham. We wired up a way for them to snap a photo on location and email the pic & text to t... Read More

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Buckhorn Community Advisory Association

Dunau and Associates, my dear and steadfast customer for the past (eek!) 20+ years, contracted me to create the BCAA website as a communications bridge among segments of the Ferry and Okanogan County communities and Kinross to address important issues related to th... Read More

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Grant PUD

By far the largest website I've had the opportunity to be involved in to this point, this project was headed up by Lisa McCathren, a phenomenal graphic designer and branding consultant located in Spokane, WA. With the help of programmer Scott Pendergraft, writer Ed... Read More

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Northwest Agriculture Business Center

The NABC website was another large one, the task at hand was to combine two large websites into one and expand online capabilities to take on tasks that were previously done manually such as class registrations, equipment rentals and membership registrations to nam... Read More

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Tonilee Hanson of the Spokane Aquifer Joint Board and I created this Wordpress website in late 2012. Packed with information about the Spokane Valley-Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer, this website provides information around the 122 wells drawing from this water source tha... Read More

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Free Bird Imports

My cousin Amy Ransom needed a logo and website for her new business. We morphed a hand drawn bird image into her new logo, and produced a complimentary website to kick off her business launch of Free Bird Imports. As well as being a seasoned yoga instructor, Amy se... Read More

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Peggy Hunt Design

Peggy's site needed some code updating and mobile responsiveness so we found a template to work from that fit the bill and complemented her classy logo without overpowering it. We wanted her distinctive jewelry designs to be the focal point for the site. Check out ... Read More

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BBQ Shack

Sybil and Travis Mager needed a website that played off their logo and spoke to BBQ yumminess. If you're visiting or residing in Friday Harbor stop by for mouth watering tasty BBQ, The BBQ Shack is a must-eat! [wptouch target="mobile"][/wptouch] ... Read More

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B&B Association of SJI

The San Juan Island B&B Association needed a new website they could update themselves, one that is accessible to travelers on a myriad of portable devices. We adapted a template for them that cleanly achieves these objectives, featuring the best B&Bs on San Juan Is... Read More

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Maxx Associates

John Vorhaus hired me to update Maxx Duffy's website to a cleaner, more easily editable Wordpress website. Maxx Associates provides professional graduate admissions consulting for those looking for their best shot to get accepted into graduate schools, giving gradu... Read More

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A Wordpress site utilizing hand-drawn logo elements owner Joanna Smith's sister created. Joanna was a delight to work with, we had fun with the design on this site. Birdsmith Ecological Research, formed by Jo Smith in 1995, is an independent organisation dedicated ... Read More

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Island Grown Agricultural Network

The Island Grown Agricultural Network includes 7 sites built using WordPress' multisite feature, and was developed by support from NABC along with San Juan County Agricultural Resources Committee (ARC) and Washington State University Extension (WSU) to support San ... Read More

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Coho Restaurant

Coho Restaurant in Friday Harbor is the third website Anna Maria de Freitas and I have developed together. The website is testament to her attention to detail as is the high quality cuisine at the restaurant. The professional photography really makes this site shin... Read More

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Foundation for Water & Energy Education

FWEE is a foundation committed to providing balanced information regarding the use of water as a renewable energy resource in the Northwest. This is a large website that Dunau & Associates invited me to collaborate with them in the upgrading and updating -- th... Read More

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San Juan Island Community Foundation

This is a redesign/refeature of a static website I originally designed & coded in 2007. The San Juan Island Community Foundation has amped up the dynamic qualities of their site to make  it easier for people who care to connect with causes that matter. New fea... Read More

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Cat Bordhi

Cat Bordhi is a highly revered knitting mentor, and since 2005 has been leading Visionary Retreats, mentoring other knit designers and fiber artists dedicated to artisan publishing spirited books of unique and enduring value. She has authored many books and has qui... Read More

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Cotsen Foundation for The Art of Teaching

Dunau & Associates contracted me to redesign www.cotsen.org, a revamp of a site we design some years ago originally. New technology was added, as well as the ability for various people in the foundation to manage the users and content themselves. This site was cert... Read More

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Dollars for Scholars San Juan Island

Dollars for Scholars wanted a website that would allow students to receive messages from counselors and staff, and get quick and up-to-date access to community organization's opportunities for volunteering. On this site community orgs can log in and post their oppo... Read More

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Tucker House Inn and Harrison House Suites

It was a pleasure working with the smart and talented Anna Maria de Freitas on the Tucker House Inn website, Harrison House Suites site to follow. I am looking forward to visiting the Tucker House this summer to partake in some of the incredible breakfasts in the p... Read More

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Outdoor Odysseys

I can't wait to go to the Island this summer kayak! Clark was awesome to work with on what ended up being a huge website, and working with Josh on the seo helped us bonk him up in Google results immediately after launch. http://www.outdoorodysseys.com [wptouc... Read More

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San Juan Property Management

Travis & Sybil Mager had a solid website that did well in the search engines, but they wanted to change the look. They wanted to take it from fun and airy to dark and classy. The site was already done in php so I worked with the programmer who originally create... Read More

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Blush Custom Floral

Stacie Sutliff is a very close friend of the family going way back to the days of my sisters being little people.  She's obviously very creative in floral endeavors -- take a look at her portfolio -- but in culinary and graphic arenas as well.  I don't believe I ... Read More

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Island Property Services

Island Property Services is owned & operated by Donny Galt, one of my favorite islanders. He wanted a website that didn't break the bank to put up but looked professional and islandy. He has more technical skills than the average property manager so we installe... Read More

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Stewardship Network of the San Juans

Working with Ian Byington of ByDesign, we created the logo and website for the Stewardship Network. It was a fun project and we got to work with people who are very oriented to the environment and doing the right thing. They brought in a ceramic fish for me to use ... Read More

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Spokane River Forum

Andy Dunau heads up the Spokane River Forum, he hired me to help create this site a few years ago with the inception of the organization. The site is wrapped entirely in Wordpress with OpenCrypt membership software running their subscriptions.  We recently added C... Read More

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Silver Lake Eye Clinic

Dr. Roger Hall was referred to me by his daughter, Amy Stachelski, after working with her to launch Lakeside Autism.  Dr. Hall and I worked together for a couple of months to come up with the design and content that is now his website.  He adds regular news artic... Read More

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Rose Shaped Apple Baked Dessert

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How to Live Life

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How to Live LifeMy favorite poker author, John Vorhaus, has released his most recent book titled How to Live Life.

Who in the world doesn’t need to know this? I’m just sitting down to find out and wanted to share it with anyone else who wonders how.

Here’s an excerpt from the book:

Externalizing your motivation is a simple two-step process. First, make a promise. Second, keep it. Simple right? And with this approach you are now using a strategy to pursue a goal. You might not be accustomed to thinking about your life in so analytical a fashion, but that’s something I hope these pages will change. Look, we’re doing it already.

And, if you’re into poker, I highly recommend any of the Killer Poker books John as written. I still apply his wisdom when I play, and if I haven’t had too many beers, it helps tremendously.

The Francis Cabin Vacation Rental in Glacier, WA

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Second winter in Glacier for my dog Sasha and I, it’s been very mild with the pineapple express dominating. Downright icky on the mountain for folks who like to play in the snow.

I am vacation renting my cabin, it’s been fun staging the place and getting it ready for each new round of guests. If you’re reading this thinking, “Wow that would be a fun trip to go up to the Mt Baker foothills with some friends, hike the trails during the day and hot tub in the evening in a nice vacation cabin!” then check out the Mt Baker vacation cabin website where you can see property and area photos, and learn all about things to do around the area.

This is where I shamelessly plug the place. Take a look at the website vacation rental in Glacier, WA to learn more. You’ll find lots of photos of this vacation cabin near Mt Baker, as well as Glacier area links and area photos. Visit the site to learn more about this cabin for rent near Mt Baker!

Thanks, and I’m sorry.


Hello, Glacier!

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Going on 2 weeks at our new place in Glacier and it’s more than I hoped. Peaceful, beautiful, friendly, laid back… I’m in love with it. Need to unbury that digital camera, my old iPhone is doing it no justice.

Fish are spawning in the creeks up here right now, I took the video below a mile from my house at Thompson Creek, which is a tributary to Glacier Creek of the North Fork Nooksack River. These fish were in maybe 6 inches of water, right there — if they weren’t so gnarly I would have reached out and touched one.

According to the Wild Fish Conservancy of the Northwest, species that spawn in Thompson Creek include Coho (oct-jan), Pinks (sept during odd years like 2013), Steelhead (may-june) and Sea-run Cutthroat Trout (may-june). So, the video shows Pinks, or “Humpies” the more common local name.

Below is some information I copied from Mount Baker Experience’s website with some background on local Salmon if you’re interested.

There are five species of Pacific salmon: Chinook (King), coho (silver), chum (dog), pink (humpy) and sockeye (red). All are anadromous, meaning they begin and end life in fresh water, migrating to the sea after emerging from eggs, rearing there for two to six years, then returning to spawn in the fresh water and clean gravel of their natal stream.

Female salmon build a “redd” (nest) in the streamed gravels by digging a shallow depression with their tail, then the male and female simultaneously deposit eggs and milt in the redd and cover them with gravel. Each species of salmon has developed a unique life history and occupies a specific ecological niche. And each species can be observed in the rivers and streams draining Mount Baker.

Chinook are the largest Pacific salmon. Historically the Columbia and Elwah rivers supported exceptionally large fish, with “June Hogs” frequently topping 100 pounds or more. Chinook prefer the fast, deep waters of large rivers. Chinook enter local rivers during the spring and summer, moving upstream to lay their eggs (spawn) in the late summer and fall.

Juvenile chinook emerge from the redd in early spring, and most young fish move downstream to the ocean soon thereafter. Juvenile chinook spend approximately four years in the ocean. Good places to observe chinook include the Boyd Creek interpretive trail near Glacier, Donovan Park in northern Skagit County, or via boat in the mainstem Skagit and Nooksack rivers. Chinook can occasionally be observed in the center of Bellingham in Whatcom Creek; look for them from the Racine Street footbridge in late August and early September.

Chum salmon are the second largest Pacific salmon. They are weaker swimmers than chinook and typically prefer channel edges or spring-fed side channels for spawning. Chum salmon enter the river to spawn in late fall, with the juveniles emerging and immediately moving downstream to the ocean in early spring.

Chum are typically around 2 to 3 feet long, with blotchy purple stripes along their flanks. Whatcom Creek supports a large population of chum that originate from the hatchery in Maritime Heritage Park. Look for chum there in late October and early November. Wild chum salmon can be seen in the North Fork Nooksack River.

Coho are the most widespread species of salmon in our area. They are strong swimmers and jumpers, and prefer small streams for spawning, often traveling far upstream. Coho spawn in the late fall and winter, November through January.

Juvenile coho rear in rivers for one to two years before moving downstream to the ocean as smolts, where they reside for about three years. Brick red and dark green coho are easy to see in many small local streams.

In Bellingham, look for coho from the footbridges over Chuckanut Creek at Arroyo Park or Padden Creek in Fairhaven Park. Other areas to view coho include Boyd Creek and Thompson Creek near Glacier or in Skagit County.

Pink salmon are the smallest Pacific salmonid, averaging about 18 inches long. During their spawning, males develop a pronounced humped back, hence their nickname “humpies.” Juvenile pink salmon rapidly migrate downstream after emerging from redds in early spring and rear there for one year.

Pink salmon have a strict two-year life cycle; in our area they return to spawn only in odd years. This year is forecasted to be one of the largest pink salmon returns in years. Pink salmon will be visible in most small local streams this year starting in late August.

Sockeye salmon are unique because the young fish require lakes for rearing. Historically Baker Lake near Concrete supported the only native sockeye population in our region. Construction of dams blocked upstream migration and drowned natural Baker Lake, and thus the sockeye population is currently maintained by hatchery production.

During years of high adult returns, fish are released into Baker Lake and spawn along lake margins or at the upstream end of the lake. Look for these gorgeous scarlet and green fish in late September and early October from the Baker River trail footbridge, in spring-fed Channel Creek along the road to the trailhead or on lake margins near the Panorama Point or Shannon Creek campgrounds.

How to upload a document & link to it in a Joomla article

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I prefer to use eDocman component to handle documents especially when the docs are updated frequently. But if you don’t need/want to do that here’s how in Joomla 1.5 and 1.6.

  • Rename the pdf to something simple, no spaces like myfile.pdf & make a note of the name
  • In the backend editor go to Content>Media Manager
  • Click Browse button under Upload files and upload your pdf
  • Go to the article editor where you want the link to be
  • Highlight the link text, click the link tool and type the url: http://www.mywebsite.com/images/myfile.pdf (replace mywebsite.com with your web address and myfile.pdf with your filename)
  • Save article

This works for standard Joomla installations that use /images as the folder name for uploads.

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