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The Francis Cabin Vacation Rental in Glacier, WA

Update: no longer renting, just enjoying.

Second winter in Glacier for my dog Sasha and I, it’s been very mild with the pineapple express dominating. Downright icky on the mountain for folks who like to play in the snow.

I am vacation renting my cabin, it’s been fun staging the place and getting it ready for each new round of guests. If you’re reading this thinking, “Wow that would be a fun trip to go up to the Mt Baker foothills with some friends, hike the trails during the day and hot tub in the evening in a nice vacation cabin!” then check out the Mt Baker vacation cabin website where you can see property and area photos, and learn all about things to do around the area.

This is where I shamelessly plug the place. Take a look at the website vacation rental in Glacier, WA to learn more. You’ll find lots of photos of this vacation cabin near Mt Baker, as well as Glacier area links and area photos. Visit the site to learn more about this cabin for rent near Mt Baker!

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