Website design, code and maintenance.


A Wordpress site utilizing hand-drawn logo elements owner Joanna Smith’s sister created.

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Coho Restaurant

Coho Restaurant in Friday Harbor is the third website Anna Maria de Freitas and I have developed together.

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Foundation for Water & Energy Education

Time to redesign and update the original site which was launched in 1996 when the web was young.

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Cat Bordhi

The client Cat Bordhi designed this site herself, and I didn’t change a thing.

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Cotsen Foundation

Dunau & Associates contracted me to redesign a second time.

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SJI Service Scholarship

Lots of functionality was built into this site to accommodate multiple user groups.

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Tucker House Inn and Harrison House Suites

Tucker House and Harrison House are sister properties in Friday Harbor, our second redesign. Gotta keep it fresh.

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Outdoor Odysseys

Second redesign of this website, every few years or more a refresh is in order.

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Cotsen Family Foundation

The second redesign over the years for

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